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Read what our Advertisers have to say about Bright Beginnings

Every year shortly after publication, I start receiving calls from concerned parents regarding their children. I have even received a call one year before knowing the publication was out. Bright Beginnings targets the right group. All the articles are very interesting and one finds info in a nutshell on various levels. The physical lay out of the book as well as the quality is perfect. Thanks again,
Annemie (Dr Peche - Psychologist / Neurotherapist – (011) 675-6138 / 082 3356 133

This is the best form of advertising my Business - Kika G Jumping Castle Hire & Photography. The response is overwhelming, clients have commented on the design and quality of the booklet. I have even had bookings as far as Bryanston, Randburg & Sandton. With such GOOD response I have decided to only advertise in this book. All other response comes through word of mouth and my pamphlets handed out with hiring out of my jumping castles. Busy Buddies / Bright Beginnings keep up the EXCELLENT work.
Fran - Kika G Jumping Castle Hire & Photography (011) 824-3912 / 082 572 1944

We have had better exposure to our services at Thera-Ed because the little booklet is firstly very appealing, available and very oriented to the market that we target, namely children. We have had referrals from the booklet as a result of mothers who pick the books up from doctor’s rooms tables. We were also able to hand the booklet out for parents as referrals to certain professionals we make use of, who were also advertised in the booklet. It certainly made an impression on the parents, because it gave them the choice and availability of many types of services in our area.

Thanks, it is really worth our investment to advertise in your booklet. Ute TepperPsychologistThera-Ed Centre – (011) 869-1200

"Since advertising in Bright Beginnings I have had a fantastic response! It goes directly to my target market (children's rooms) and I do not need to advertise in any other publication.
Charlie's Paint Box ” ( 083 430 7655)

I am the owner of a nursery school (Rozette Kleuterskool) and the only advertising I do is my advert in the Bright Beginnings booklet. I have tried other methods of advertising before and it did not give me any results. About 80% of my new enrollments at school is due to my ad in the Bright Beginnings booklet. Mary-Lynn provides a very high quality booklet with very useful information to parents and I find that my parents look forward to every new addition of the Bright Beginnings booklet.
To anyone thinking of putting an advert in the Bright Beginnings Booklet … YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG!
Lezinda Engelbrecht
Rozette Kleuterskool
(011) 869-4424 / 083 267 6122

Waar jou kind meer werd is as al die goud in die hele węreld!

Bright beginnings has been an excellent forum to share succinct but vital information with parents. I have submitted articles for parents of newborns to pre-teens. I have received responses from parents in a wide radius, proving that advertising in Bright Beginnings really works!
Sohana Kaliprasad
Speech therapist/audiologist (083 447 1894)



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