The Freedom To Be Creative  

In today’s society we as parents are bombarded with pressure to make sure our children succeed academically, socially and in sporting activities.  Although these are all vitally important, creativity seems to have taken a back seat.  Children need an outlet for their personalities to grow, free from interference or coaxing to be one way or another.  Art can be just such an outlet.  Not only does this allows them freedom of expression but also stimulates their creative and imaginary thinking.  Creative thinkers are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  When we embrace our ability to dream, create, inspire and be inspired, we allow ourselves to think differently.  Art teaches us to have the confidence to try new things without the fear of failure.  An artist’s canvas can be painted over many times before reaching the final artwork – this is a metaphor for life…. Art teaches us these and many other important lessons, all while having fun and letting loose.

Here are a few simple tips to help your child’s creativity flow:

Take your child into the garden where you don’t have to worry about messing, give them a piece of paper and 2 colours of paint.  Let your child go wild!  Don’t interfere or tell them what to draw, let them express themselves.

Take leaves off trees, flowers etc. and let your child stick them to his/her painting and even paint over them if they wish.

Praise their efforts, ask them how their picture makes them feel and then encourage them to use expressive words, not just ‘fine’ or ‘good’, tell them you think it looks phenomenal, or fantastic and encourage them to do the same.  This stimulates their vocabulary and teaches them to express themselves and be creative even in their speech, not just when painting.

When you’re driving in the are, ask your child about what they see, ask them if they could paint what they see, what colours they would use, this helps children see their world as something they can draw or paint and gives them the confidence to try the next time they paint.

Remember that Art is not just a frivolous pastime but an important way of stimulating creative thinking as well as giving your child space to be 100% themselves.

By:  Chantelle Franco-Green                                                              082 400 6332

Fine artist, Graphic Designer 



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