ADD and ADHD - Nutrition & Exercise  

There are many ways in which you as a parent can help your child with ADD & ADHD, some of which include:

Avoid Sugar:

Research has shown that children with ADD & ADHD may not digest sugars properly.  Sugar consumption has been linked to aggressive, restless behaviour.

Identify Allergies:

Try to identify and avoid food allergens and neurotoxins such as artificial sweeteners and food dyes.

Avoid Soft Drinks:

Both sugar-free and sweetened contain phosphates which displaces calcium and magnesium levels, causing exaggerated muscle activity.

Get Plenty of Sunlight:

Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, is something misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD.  Occurring mostly in northern latitudes during the winter months, SAD produces ADD like symptoms.  Consider exposure to full-spectrum lighting if unable to spend time outdoors each day. 

Stay Active:

Help your child to stay active.  Enlist them in sports or simply play active games with them every day.

By:  Dr. Annemie Peche                016-4549302

Reg Clinical Psychologist/Neurotherapist/EEG Technician                     082 3356 133


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